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Mid Day Walks:

Monday - Friday Mid Day Walks with a minimum of service 3 days a week.  We include up to 2 dogs from the same home at $20.00 per walk. Additional dogs incur a $3.00 a walk surcharge 
This visit is between 10 am - 3 pm, Monday - Friday for 20 minutes.  This gives your dog both human interaction and a chance to exercise in the effort to prevent boredom and household accidents.  These services are perfect for the working professional.   

On call mid day walks  (Monday - Friday only) 
Do you work from home and need occasional help?  Just let us know by 8am EST the morning of needed service.  This service is $25.00 for up to 2 dogs from the same household. Additional dogs will incur a $3.00 surcharge. 

Saturday walks
Are you going into the city for a date or just a day of shopping?  If so, book a mid day walk with us.  This 20 minute walk includes up to two dogs from the same household for $25.00 Additional dogs incur a $5.00 surcharge.   

Vacation Visits

This service provides a 30 minute visit to care for your pets.  We will walk the dog(s), exercise, feed, and provide fresh water.  We will also water a limited amount of plants at our visit.   For your home safety we will pick up the mail, newspapers, rotate the blinds and lights.  Prices start at $25.00 per visit which includes up to  two dogs from the same household and two cats for the same fee.   Each additional pet over 2 dogs and 2 cats incurs a $5.00 surcharge.    

Kitty Sit

We fed, water, "scoop the box," and provide your pet with human companionship   This 20 minute visit includes up to 4 cats for $20.00 per visit.